Posh Deaf 3 – 3 St John Reserves. Pictures and Video

Posh and St John’s Reserves played out an entertaining 3-3 draw on Sunday.

St John’s bought their bag of naughty tricks but Posh did their best to ignore it and for most of the game managed to keep focused on the game itself.

Cameron Cockerill, Posh’s enigmatic striker, bagged three more goals to add to his impressive record. Cockerill scored a penalty after the St john’s keeper needlessly shoved a Posh player in the face in full view of the referee.

Vitor Balde, Posh’s youngest player, was given 10 minutes at the end of the game to make his debut. Soon after, the St John’s left back hit Vitor with a deliberate off-the-ball blow in the back unseen by the referee. Vitor didn’t seem to care.

St John’s fantastic youngster Yasseen Miah scored a marvellous goal after a 1-2 with the very-mischievous veteran Memnos Costi to add to the two goals he scored against Posh last time around. He’s fast and accurate.

Liam Avey and Dean Connolley were made to work hard at the back but both put in a full shift and some full-bloodied challenges.

Peterborough’s next game is against Fulham in the English Deaf Cup Quarter Final

Check out some of the pictures from the game courtesy of our volunteer club photographer Tim Symonds. You can see more of his work here www.timsymonds.co.uk

Qadeer springs the offside trap and squared the ball to Cameron who scored
Cockerill knocks in the Penalty
Chris Taylor in goal tries in vein to stop Yaseen’s goal
Qadeer’s effort beats the keeper but not the post
Qadeer can’t believe it
The Posh boys celebrate
Will rolls holds off a St John player
Cockerill breaks
and avoids the late challenge
St John always left a few boys back to deal with the forward
Liam Avey and Memnos Costi both gave it everything
Cameron once again tries to break free
Defender Dean Connoley almost scores from a corner
Something a bit like this happened just before half-time
Will Rolls shoulder charges an opponent



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