Posh Deaf Goalkeeping Hunk on Ninja Warrior UK

Peterborough United’s deaf football team’s super-hunk goalkeeper Michael Easton featured with his older brother  Dan on ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK on Saturday Night.

Mike celebrates making it past the spinning log

Michael didn’t make it to the end but wowed the crowd with his balance and power before ending up in the water. He managed to beat his brother, which, as presenter and ex-footballer Chris Kamara said, was his aim.

Big brother winces as Mike celebrates in exuberant fashion


Michael signed for Posh Deaf in the summer and put in some impressive performances. He’s also represented GB’s deaf squash and snowboard teams, is a qualified personal trainer and works as a snowboarding instructor.

Mike takes a little slip on the first obstacle but corrects it

Watch Mike and Dan in action here from about 30 minutes in. http://www.itv.com/hub/ninja-warrior-uk/2a3704a0011

Mike rubs it in with the crowd cheering them! 

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