Wheeler returns to break Posh hearts; Peterborough United 2 – 3 Barnet

Matthew Wheeler, the young midfielder from Chatteris, who had played in friendlies for Peterborough United, returned to the Branch Bros Stadium on Saturday evening and took all three points for Barnet.

Wheeler, who had also played at the Branch Bros for Great Britain recently, won the game for Barnet after Qadeer Hussain scored twice in the second-half to get Peterborough back into the game. He lobbed the on-rushing Michael Easton in goal after a quickly taken throw-in took Posh by surprise

After Peterborough went 2-0 down, Qadeer Hussain scored from the penalty spot and then leveled the scores with a super finish that ricocheted in off the Posh.

The game was the first as officially named captain for Liam Avey. Peterborough were missing three players with Michael Bedford unavailable and both strikers Cameron Cockerill and Chris Majid out injured. In the end, Peterborough couldn’t keep the momentum up and Barnet, who always looked likely to score on the break, left Peterborough with all three points.

Team Line up barnet

Photos by Tim Symonds and Donna Taylor. You can view more of Tim’s work on his website

Dean Connolly heads clear
Michael Easton confidently catches the ball
Crunch! Qadeer Hussain on the deck
Marcos Pinto began the game but went off injured after 20 minutes
Tom Irish takes kick in the back while Qadeer is sat on by Umesh Valjee
The players shake hands
Scott Taylor lines up a free kick
Barnet Keeper Drew Bradshaw holds on tight
Qadeer Hussain plots a path away from Fucillo (4) Valjee (5) and Wheeler
Will Rolls makes a break
Liam Avey is the Posh Captain
Dean Connolly keeps Keith McCoy close
Qadeer Hussain tricks his way into the box as Manager Steve Long implores him to shoot
Alex Tovey goes to ground to stop Wheeler
Tom Irish has a little time
That’s Connolly and Tovey on the way back from a corner
I’m gonna try not to fall on top of you..
Sorry! Couldn’t help it!
Josh Burrows with Gary Hope close by
Chris Bunker is big, fast and dangerous
Matthew Wheeler being watched closely by Josh Burrows
Tom Irish arrives in the danger zone before his team mates
The Posh bench don’t look as if they’re particularly enjoying the experience
The lights are on and Stephen Sear approaches the Barnet backline with Umesh Valjee and captain Marcus Fucillo close by.

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